Why sit inside all year round?


pizza ovenThe British have always been famous as a nation of gardeners, but thanks to our temperate climate, we don't always get the chance to get out there and enjoy our gardens fully. The outdoor living and eating lifestyle is now more popular than ever, but to enable us to do it here in the chilly UK a little extra help is sometimes needed! That is where we come in. GardenMaestro are part of The Maestro group and we supply a range of outdoor cooking and heating products that combine practicality with gorgeous designs that add to the beauty of your natural outdoor surroundings. Whether you have a large garden or just small patio or balcony, we have something to warm it on a cool evening, or to allow you to cook and enjoy food.

We have a choice of outdoor wood burning pizza ovens, a range of chimineas that are both heater and barbecue stoves, plus fire pits and wood burning stoves that are ideal for heating and cooking in the fresh air right outside your back door. We also have a regularly updated range of garden ornanments to enhance the beauty of your garden, so have a look around and see what GardenMaestro has to offer.

Protecting the environment

Our design philosophy is to always try and combine style, beauty and elegance with a concern for the environment.

If you have a question about the "green" ideas behind any product, please read our relevant product pages, or email us through the contact link at the top of the page.

We will always be happy to explain our ideas.


Technical support


We offer free technical back-up and advice to all our customers, enabling them to buy with confidence knowing that we are here to support them.

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